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 Carry My Baby specialises in quality products for today's natural parent.    We focus on baby carriers that are comfortable for both you and your baby, and ergonomically correct, allowing maximum support for your back, and baby's hips.  

 Looking for cloth nappies and Diono carseats?  These have been moved to our main website: www.scarecrowfarm.co.nz.


These brands include

* Itti Bitti



Real Nappies

* Diono

Featured Products

zzz RETIRED Tula Standard Carrier - Love Birds

Benefits of Tula carriers: Front and back carry • From 7kg – 20kg • Can be used for newborns (3.5 kg +) if used with the Tu..


Bubbly Bubs Leg Warmers - Happiness

bubbly bubs leg warmers are made from pesticide free organic cotton: better for little ones and the environment. bubbly bubs leg warmers are super cute and practical; keep baby's le..

NZ$7.00 NZ$9.00

Beachfront Baby Water Wrap - White - Regular Length

This is exactly the same as the beachfront baby wrap and is made at the same place.  The only difference is that it has now been rebranded.   What is a Beachfront Baby Wrap? a..

NZ$60.00 NZ$79.00

Storchenwiege Woven Wrap - Inka - 4.6 metres

Inka is a really popular wrap.  Made up of thin stripes in several colors, Inka gives the overall impression of indigo, which is the base thread throughout this wrap.  It is a cool rainbo..

NZ$140.00 NZ$165.00