TwinGo Baby Carrier

TwinGo Baby Carrier

We are excited to be NZ distributors for TwinGo, a revolutionary new carrier specifically designed to carry one or two children of equal or varied sizes (patent pending).  The carrier works well for twins or children of different ages.

The carrier can be worn as either a dual carrier or divided into two separate carriers giving you ultimate versatility.  It is made of two parts:

* Attachment Carrier

* Base Carrier


The TwinGO Carrier has three carry options:

* Front Carry with one baby/toddler

* Back Carry with one baby/toddler

* Dual Carry with two babies/toddler


The TwinGO Carrier can be divided into two separate carriers for two adults to carry one child each or it can be a dual carrier for one adult to carry two children.


For full information on the TwinGo carrier including instructions and safety information please see

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